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I remember watching, as a young kid, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Donald O'Connor, Sammy Davis Jr., and Bugs Bunny, and thinking how cool these cats were. And I remember saying to myself, "When I grow up, I want to be right there! I want to be right smack dab in the middle of where dreams were made!" 37 years down the road and I look back at my foot prints and where they have been and...Wow! I am here. Dream after dream after dream...and I'm smack dab right in the middle of it! I have been blessed with an extensive and varied background enriched with stage, film, tours, video, conventions, intensives, master classes, etcetera, that has enabled me to bring a wonderful skill set to my work. I look forward to sharing all I can to affirm purpose in people and helping transform that confidence into the performance of art and life.

our mission

Uniting Artists in works of imagination that serve and inspire.
Marc's joy is working with young people of all ages. Affirming their purpose and transforming that confidence, into their performance of art and life. His infectious zest for life and performing, has taken him as choreographer, director, speaker, educator, and judge to countless studios, churches, camps, workshops, master classes, and competitions across the United States, Bahamas, and Jamaica, sponsored by such organizations as Dance Revolution, Ad Deum, Ballet Magnificat, the Continental Singers, Dramatic Truth School of the Arts, YouthFront, the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, The Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, and (at present) The Culture House Academy of the Performing Arts.

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Marc & Anne Wayne

  • Marc Wayne

    For over twenty-five years, Marc has made his living as a professional entertainer. As dancer, choreographer, actor, singer, director, educator, and speaker, this seasoned professional has traveled coast to coast performing for audiences of over 71,000 people.

    Marc began his training with Jeri Pinnell in a small one-room studio in Gahanna, Ohio. His first ballet teacher was Gail Levan. He received his collegiate education at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where he majored in dance. He then continued his career and studies in Chicago where he studied at various studios including Gus Giordano Dance Center, Conservatory Of American Dance, and Joel Hall Dance Center.

    His experience includes screen, television, and stage in music videos, video series, commercials, industrials, movies, musicals, amusement parks, and five US tours. Titles include Shrek, The Musical at Coterie Theater (choreographer), Legally Blonde the musical (choreographer), Pirates of Penzance (choreographer), Carman's Raising The Standard and R.I.O.T. tours, Fiddler On The Roof (director,choreographer), Aida (choreographer), Barnum, Guys & Dolls (Crap Shooter, choreographer), The King & I (playing the King, choreographer), Bibleman, Dramatic Truth's Mystery of Christmas (playing the principal role of "God" for 8 of 11 seasons), Störling Dance Theater's Prodigal Daughter, Butterfly, Suspended Grace, Little Match Girl, and Underground, and Maxxas Dance Theatre's Genesis, "R", and 3DAYS (choreographer/director/producer/writer). He has worked with and shared the stage with such artists as Carman, Willie Aames, Amy Grant, Ron Kenoly, Ben Vereen, and organizations and companies that include Dr. Pepper, KFC, Kings Island, Pamplin Entertainment, Nexxus, MGM, and Eastman Films.

    Marc's company work includes Chicago based modern companies, CHICAGO MOVING COMPANY and CHICAGO DANCE MEDIUM and jazz and tap company, CHI-TOWN JAZZ DANCE. Also included is Kansas City based companies; DRAMATIC TRUTH BALLET THEATRE (founding member) and STÖRLING DANCE THEATER, guest appearances with Jackson, Mississippi based ballet company, BALLET MAGNIFICAT, and his own highly acclaimed contemporary jazz/modern company, MAXXAS DANCE THEATRE.

  • Anne Wayne

    Anne received her formal training in Chicago at studios including Northbrook Dance Center, Hubbard Street, Ruth Page, and The Conservatory of American Dance. Prior to officially joining Störling Dance Theater in 2002, Anne danced with Chi-Town Jazz Dance in Chicago, danced the principal role of the "Princess" in Lynda Martha's touring production "The Young Hunter", and performed with the Chicago Orchestra in Sondheim's "Into The Woods". She appeared in Carman's "R.I.O.T." music video, and she received rave reviews for her performance in Störling Dance Theater's "Butterfly".

    A celebrated teacher, Anne has taught ballet and jazz for over 11 years at various studios, workshops, and master classes throughout the United States. Mixed in with all of these years of performing, Anne married Marc Wayne and together they raise seven beautiful children, which has been the most rewarding role she has played in her career.

    Anne and Marc have seven children, Caleb, Mikayla, Noah, Madeline, Zion, Elisabeth, and Emma (...and yes, we are done!).