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  • Marc Wayne An Epic Jazz Dance Master Class
    July 11, 2017 * 7:00-8:30pm * $15.00.  

    Legacy School of the Arts, 12710 S Pflumm Road, Olathe, KS 66062

    Here's your last summer Marc Wayne master jazz class. Time to get epic! Bring a towel and water, and let's have some fun. Purchase your spot now.

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Private Lesson Class Descriptions



    Select this offering if you have never danced before, if you are a beginner, if you are an actor just wanting basic movement skills, or even if you have dance training and just want to keep your foundation strong. The Basic format covers foundational techniques, common movement patterns and steps, and physical toning and conditioning.

  • TAP

    Tap is as essential as listening to music. Building a sense of musicality, tap introduces rhythmic shapes and patterns, combinations, phrasing and sequencing, sound awareness, foot and ankle strength, and timing. Hoofing (tapping executed more into the floor), classic Broadway (tapping executed more on top of the floor), body awareness and coordination are among the elements learned.


    This lively form demands more and more of the performers personality. It requires the dancer to become more, the actor in their movement, and the actor, more the dancer. And...let's not forget about the singing! Great preparation for upcoming auditions as well as taking your performance to the next level.


    Ballet provides vital fundamentals for building a solid foundation for all dance, poise, and posture. Alignment, flexibility, core awareness, muscle strengthening and toning, focus and presence are just some of the benefits gained. This is a great addition to any athlete's workout regimen to develop agility and aid in injury prevention.


    Contemporary dance introduces a mix of various dance genres and styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical, and elements of pedestrian movement, and reshapes them; often stepping outside of their traditional execution. A new sense of spacial and body awareness, placement, progression in technique and combinations is found while exploring this eclectic form.


    Musicality, groove, rhythm, choreography...and a lot of fun is what this ever-evolving dance genre brings to beginner movers as well as seasoned dancers. Isolation, articulation, fluidity, popping, and more.


    The physicality of any character is just as important as the lines they deliver. The same is true for the dancer; the ability to express and deliver emotion and personality. This offering will help you shape your character's personality, stage presence, and presentation. You will explore walking, mannerisms, body isolations and posture, facial expression, imagery and dialogue delivery.


    his is a unique blend of fun and challenging fitness ball exercises designed to burn and balance. Equalizing yourself on a constantly moving ball while trying to find your center of gravity creates a heightened sense of core awareness as you attempt to achieve balance.


    Auditioning is a challenge for everyone. Learn the tips that help keep you focused, relaxed, and confident with this offering. This includes some basic dance elements, etiquette, presentation, mindset habits, and more.


    You have your choreography already but you need help cleaning it and you really want to make it really pop! This offering is designed to do just that...CLEAN. This is NOT for adding, subtracting, or re-choreographing any portion or section of original material given, in any way. Here we will simply bring clarity to what you have and strengthen the dynamics and execution of that material.

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