Marc Wayne Productions


  • Summer Power Pack 8 Week Special
    June 5-August 18.  Sign up now for private lessons and get 8 private 30-minute sessions starting at $220! Pricing is as follows:  •8-30 minute sessions = $220/ •16-30 minute sessions = $440/ •8-60 minute sessions = $440/ •16 -60 minute sessions = $880
  • Your choice of tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, character development, choreography, audition prep, or conditioning. So whether you need to prepare for that audition, or need choreography for a performance or competition, or that wedding is coming up and you want to be ready; or you just want to stay in shape and continue your training over the summer, this is a great addition to your summer schedule!  Call now for available days and times and reserve your spot.  913-961-0670.
  • Make 'Em Laugh Monday
    Good Morning! Do you remember that great musical number in Singing In The Rain, "Make 'Em Laugh" by Donald O'Connor? Well here's your chance to do just that! It's time to start another week, another 5 days of adventure; victories and losses, ups and downs, allies and opponents, and all the adversity that makes an adventure great. However, it is another opportunity to NOT take ourselves so seriously and laugh at ourselves and with each other in love. We are imperfect beings that make mistakes all the time (funny mistakes); non-perfection-reaching people posing as the squeaky-clean. YOU ARE NOT PERFECT! Don't be mad. It's okay. We're all in the same boat; from the President all the way down to the guy who shovels elephant dung (or whatever "low occupation" means to you). We all need help to become better, we all need to laugh at ourselves to become great or better yet, wonderful...beautiful! Take the pressure off yourself (and the rest of us) and laugh with someone today! It will definitely make you feel better and add years to your life. (If you laughed at the elephant dung line, you just added a year! Hehehe...) I love ya a lot! P.S. A good belly laugh is known to burn many calories, relieve stress, give a mini-workout to your abs, diaphragm, obliques, back, respiratory, and tear ducts...oh and to most ladies and some guys...your bladder muscles! Wait...! Did you just add another year or two...? This is awesome!
  • Happy Birthday Anne Wayne
    Happy birthday to my partner, my best friend, my wife. Outside of being an extremely gifted teacher and artist, she is a wonderful friend, mentor, hero, and mother. The beauty of Anne is her heart for people. She has a golden touch when it comes to connecting. She is always concerned and engaged in the lives of those around her, and she loves to serve. Happy birthday Anne. You are so fully loved.
  • Free Hugs Friday
    It's Friday! One last day to squeeze in a few more weekly tasks before a much needed break. Let's send each other off with a boost. Tell someone you appreciate them, that you're cheering for them, you believe in them, that they matter to you! Don't even make them ask for one, just see the need and fill it! Drop them a hug and let's start an outbreak of love! I guarantee you will keep sickness and sorrow at bay for another day, and add a year to your life. Be brilliant and change the atmosphere around you! Give many someones a hug.
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